Accused of being a Nazi Lowlife, Charles Bukowski Landmark Hearing Postponed

Thursday, November 15th, was to be the day when healthcare administration for beginners the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission decided whether to landmark poet and novelist Charles Bukowski’s former East Hollywood residence at 5124 De Longpre Avenue. This is where Bukowski wrote “Post Office” and “Factotum” and where “Women” was set, and more importantly, the place where he willed himself into being as a writer.

But the CHC hearing has been postponed, due to an extension filed by the property owners’ attorney. The attorney does not deny that Charles Bukowski wrote much of his important work at De Longpre, but intends to challenge the landmarking on two counts: that Charles Bukowski was a Nazi sympathizer, and that he was a person of low moral character. This flurry of character assassination is the last minute method chosen by the who doesn\'t like friv property owners, who have ignored past watch Frozen movie attempts at discussion by the CHC, to block the we need wholesale candles today landmarking process.

A new hearing date should be announced within the next two weeks. All updates will be posted on the Delongpre blog at its new, shorter web address,

Charles Bukowski home preservation activist Lauren Everett and Bukowski bus tour host Richard Schave of Esotouric are available for interviews. Contact Lauren, (310) 699-1142. Contact Richard, 323-223-2767.

5124 De Longpre

To Whom It May Concern,

There are few authors who resided in the LA area that have contributed Happy Wheels for our kids as much to American literature as Charles Bukowski. Why should the residence of other great American authors be preserved and cherished, while his is scheduled for removal??

If you dont like his style of writing, so what. Its no reason to tear down a piece of history. In a city that is constanly changing wouldnt you want to save something of importance....?